Olympic Movement: United 4 The Future



The United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival 2020 brought together over 40,000 youth participating in the sports competition program and over 50,000 in the education program. Over 100 organizations including many international federations worked together to stand in solidarity for and with the youth of the world.

2021 will see an even bigger version hosted by and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world. The International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics International, GAISF and AIMS, once again have granted full patronage to the event to promote inclusion, equality and non-discrimination.

The Youth are our future and the event runs in parallel with the United Nations World Children’s Day, placing the youth of the world as the centerpiece. There will be workshops, panels and certainly the sports competition program. Above all, this is more than just an event with over 100 youth ambassadors representing various organizations and providing strong, positive messages about peace, hope and solidarity.

Now more than ever, the world needs Olympic solidarity to tackle the many challenges we face and even more so, for the marginalized and disadvantaged youth. The fact that all Olympic organizations from the highest level are actively participating within this event highlights the Olympic Values and a unified message for a better tomorrow.

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