Announcing the People’s Forests Partnership


The climate crisis is threatening the entire planet. Over 1 million species are at imminent risk of extinction. Deforestation is at the center of these planetary emergencies, and we cannot solve the climate crisis or safeguard life on Earth without ending deforestation within the next decade.

Despite years of intensive efforts and tens of millions of dollars in conservation finance, primary tropical forest loss has been increasing since 2000, with the average loss in the 2010s nearly 30% higher than in the 2000s. Since 2000, the three years of greatest forest loss took place in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Between 2019 and 2020, rainforest destruction increased by 12%.

At COP26, over 100 world leaders agreed to end deforestation. But how? Because forest conversion is driven by economic forces, we’ll only successfully halt deforestation if we create meaningful, durable value by keeping the forests standing, especially for local and Indigenous communities who safeguard most of the world’s remaining forests.

After decades of on-the-ground experience, we know that the scale of action needed will only be achievable with the willing and active participation of forest and rural communities leading the way. Socio-economic deforestation drivers cannot be effectively addressed unless these communities are rewarded for creating a future free of deforestation. Without this, most efforts to stop deforestation will fail.

Today, roughly 1% of global climate finance goes to Indigenous Peoples, traditional owners, and local communities (IPLCs). Climate finance has not been working for those who need it most. It’s time to change this.

EverlandWildlife WorksForest TrendsGreencollar, and RECOFTC have joined forces to facilitate the launch of the People’s Forests Partnership.

The People’s Forests Partnership was formed to answer forest communities’ call for their right to participate equitably in climate and conservation finance. By 2030, the Partnership aims to mobilize and direct at least $20 billion per year in long-term, corporate financing to community-led forest conservation projects.


We are actively seeking voluntary commitments and action from private-sector entities and others who share this vision.


  • Companies now have an opportunity to play an industry-first role by joining the partnership that aims to fix a fundamental flaw in carbon financing.
  • By serving as climate leaders, companies will have the opportunity to finance high-quality projects that contribute to their climate and Sustainable Development Goals.

Join us in supporting forest communities.

Visit the People’s Forest Partnership website for more information on how you can get involved.

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