Four of the Five most expensive football squads play in Premier League: Study

According to the new report by SafeBettingSites, Premier League clubs vastly outspend clubs from other leagues on recruitment of players. The numbers suggest that four of the top-five most valuable squads currently play in Premier League.

It’s not news that the financial might of Premier League clubs outshines other major European leagues. However, the newly released report tells a precise story of the uneven competition plaguing European football.

Four out of the top five valuable European teams play in Premier League

The list of most valuable football squads, complied by KPMG, features four Premier League clubs in the top five and five PL clubs in the top ten. Furthermore, neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona features in the top five anymore.

The domination of Premier League clubs exists even when it comes to individual talent. Even though none of the two most valuable footballers play in Premier League, but the list of most valuable ten footballers features six players currently playing in the English League.

Vyom Chaudhary, the sports editor at Safe Betting Sites, commented: “These lists just goes on to show the financial might of Premier League clubs. There are only a handful of European clubs that can challenge the supremacy of the Premier League sides in the transfer market.”

For an in-depth look on both lists, you can read the entire article on this link –

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