Ghana’s Richard Commey Misses Opportunity to Grab WBO Intercontinental Title


From William Fiifi Sey, Madison Square Garden, New York


Ghana’s Richard Oblitey Commey fails to capture the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Intercontinental title as he loses to Ukraine’s Vasiliy Lomachenko on unanimous decision 119-108, 119-108 and 110-117 at the Madison Square Garden, New York.

Dominant Vasiliy Lomachenko floored Commey in the seventh and hoped for a stoppage that never materialized. “I saw his situation [of the seventh round], it was very hard for him,” that’s why I said, ‘Hey, stop the fight.’ He is a true warrior. He has a big heart and we continued and we showed 12 great rounds for the people” Lomachenko said. “In this weight division, we have a lot of great fighters,” Lomachenko added, “so we can organize a lot of great fights in the future.”No description available.

Photo credit: Melissa Rawlins

Commey’s thought about Lomachenko

“he’s a lil bit quicker and he throws his combination very well and that makes him special”

Commey on what kept him on after a difficult situation in the seventh round;

“Well I fight for my country i fight for my people, I know I let them down but i believe I am gonna come back stronger”

Commey on what he could have done differently in the game;

“When i dropped down i took my eyes off him for a second and boom and that’s it, I could have stayed focused all along but it is what it is, He is a great fighter and I did what I had to do.”

“I am proud of my people, I fight for them and i love them so much and it’s just hard for me to take it because I feel I am the only one representing them now but it is what it is, I thank God that I am not hurt, nothing happened to me so glory be to God.”

Commey on what’s next

“You know the aim is still the same, I wanna be a two-time world champion and as long as my people believe in me, I am gonna represent them.”

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