New GBF Treasurer Nettey Promises Attractive Sponsorship And Development Of Juvenile Boxing

Mr. Mustapha Nettey, the newly elected Treasurer of the Ghana Amateur Boxing Federation (GBF) has promised to work hard within the four years mandate given the new administration to attract sponsorship to develop and promote the fundamentals of boxing in Ghana.

Speaking to Yours Truly, the University of Ghana alumni commended the previous administration for their service, and promised to continue from where they left off, however he thinks much ought to be done for the juvenile and youth which he and Coach Charles Quartey have been working on in the past months.

According to Nettey, who is also a boxing ring announcer and secretary of the Ghana Boxing Supporters Union (GHABSU), there should be funds available to work as money is what they need most to perform.

He called on corporate bodies to look at the sport that has given the nation more laurels and invest in boxing especially the amateur level.

He hinted that boxing talents abound in the country as he was involved in a Besesaka Tournament at Bukom Square over the weekend and it attracted 18 clubs as well as over 6,000 spectators, with some of them exhibiting raw talent and skill.

He expressed the all these youthful boxers and juveniles must be put in schools or guided to be educated to an appreciable level.

Mr. Mustapha Nettey said he prays that the new administration will work as a team and develop boxing all over the country.

He also appealed to the media for full support as sports and media are bed fellows, and publicity on boxing would encourage the boxers and the corporate entities.

He stressed that the future is very bright, because there are many unknown talents like Samuel Takyi who nobody knew, but was able to represent Ghana at the Olympic Games and brought home a medal.

“We have to work hard in scouting who are the potential medal hopes, and build the capacity of our trainers and officials to earn stars so that they can rub shoulders with other officials at the international level” he said.

He thanked all the delegates who contributed to the elective congress held last Saturday.

By Daniel Nyarko

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