Bicycle Riders storm Accra


Founder of the Okor Okpe Festival, Von Nii Otto Cofie is very optimistic that this year’s Okor Okpe Festival will be massive.

He said on December 12 there would be Fire on the streets of Accra, the capital city of Ghana .

“On 12.12.21, we are riding to make Accra work again, get your bicycle ready and join in the ride on the street of Accra to preach environmental cleanliness, exercising to keep fit and supporting people with cardio problems”

The date for the annual riding event was shifted from 5th December, 2021 to 12th December, 2012 from 7am to attract more riders, and as it is the ‘Trinity Version’ of Okor Okpe Festival 2021, the organisers want their aims and objectives to be met.

According to Nii Otto Cofie, T-Shirts for this year’s Okor Okpe Festival are ready now and going for a cool price.

“You will ride for cardio benefit and a T-Shirt to remember the occasion” he said.

Interested Ghanaians can get a bicycle and join from the starting point at Shatta Beach at James Town, and let ride for cardio benefit and also to make Accra work again.

By Daniel Nyarko

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