New York Build 2023: Discover more Sustainable Construction

By Del Report

DEL REPORT sustainability editor, Dela Ahiawor is heading to New York, USA to attend the world’s foremost construction and design exhibition (New York Build 2023) slated for March 8-9.

The award- winning exhibition to be held at the Javits Center, New York will bring together more than 29,000 registered attendees, 300 plus exhibitors and 350 plus speakers from the building and real estate industry across the globe.

The event aims to share knowledge on new technologies and trends in construction, architecture, proptech, engineering, design and real estate development.

‍Discover the latest developments in design, materials, systems, products, and processes revolutionizing building practices lately. The real estate industry is shifting its processes from analog to digital at a rapid rate. Cities like New York are encouraging more sustainable (greener) construction due to how carbon-heavy the construction industry is today.

The exhibition will provide the opportunity to find out how more sustainable materials and the latest real estate technology will help builders comply with environmental regulations in New York City.‍ You will also meet with others looking to collaborate on projects and build long-term partnerships to bring fresh ideas to life.

The event attracts all types of people and demographics, including architects, construction workers, real estate developers, tech companies and the press. It’s the perfect place to connect with leading people in the industry and explore ways to expand your network so you can establish yourself as an authority in your field.‍

You will be inspired at New York Build 2023 because you will imbibe new trends.


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