4 Ways Technology Can Help Slow Climate Change

Technology is partly to blame for global warming. However, it can also provide solutions to help save the environment from irreversible climate change


By Dela Ahiawor

Let’s get one thing straight – climate change is real. Humans have been making use of Earth’s natural resources for their benefits without giving anything back. The result is starting to look disastrous for the planet, especially in the last 50 years. A lot of people who are fighting for the environment will blame the Industrial Revolution for the global warming issue.

However, it is helpful for the progress of humanity. Continuous technological advancements provide us with ways to slow down climate change before it’s too late. Here are a few solutions that can help breathe new life to Earth.

Availability of Alternative Energy Sources

Families, communities, cities, and countries remain reliant on energy to provide electricity in everything around them. Unfortunately, the necessity leads to the continuous burning of fossil fuels. It remains the primary energy source for almost everything in existence, but it is one of the most harmful things to the planet. Burning fossil fuels will emit air pollutants that can cause damage to the environment. People’s health is also in jeopardy because of the sulphur dioxide emissions.

However, technology is starting to come up with solutions that will hopefully phase out the need for fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources, like solar and geothermal power, are beginning to become famous. Eco-friendly businesses are incorporating different types of alternative energy to do their part for the environment.

Less Reliance on Paper

Paper is one of the essential items in the world. Almost every aspect of the world requires a supply of it. However, you will find that paper comes from trees, one of the best defences of Earth. Businesses need to chop down hundreds of trees a day to meet the demands of the item.

Fortunately, the digital age provides humans with a way to save on paper usage. Business contracts and transactions are now manageable online. Instead of putting up flyers to sell a property, people can use a real estate selling app. Communication tools are starting to phase out snail mail to loved ones. Paper will still be useful for people until the end of time, but technology can help regulate the need to cut down trees.

Active Approach to Reducing Pollution

Pollution has been present since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. The smoke emitting from cars, factories, and other establishments are harmful not only for people but also for the Earth. Humans are also guilty of increasing pollution because of irresponsible throwing of waste. Plastic products are overwhelming the oceans and making aquatic creatures suffer.

A lot of businesses are becoming aware of the problem. Waste control companies are actively trying to find ways to undo the damages to the planet because of pollution. Individuals can help the cause by being responsible when throwing away their wastes.

Continuous Development of Eco-Friendly Technology

Humans made the mistake of creating innovative products and appliances without thinking about their effects on the environment. Now that people have information on how much technology harmed the planet, it is time to give back.

Companies are continuously trying to improve their products and remove the features that are harmful to the environment. Appliances that rely on less energy and cars that emit less smoke are only some changes. Businesses continue to make an effort to turn their establishments and their products eco-friendly. The trend will continue to improve as technology progresses.

As rational beings on Earth, people have to take care of the environment. Fortunately, technology is starting to evolve as our best solution for climate change.


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