Meet Winnie Cheche: Kenyan Blogger Spreading the Sustainability Messsage


My name is Winnie Cheche from Nairobi, Kenya. Who blogs about climate, wildlife conservation, sustainability and activism on the same. I collaborate with various groups in working towards a better and healthier planet. I used my website to promote awareness and education around these topics. Website:
I have always loved animals, and growing up next to one of the prestige national park in Kenya, Lake Nakuru National Park. It helped strengthen my love for wildlife. I have a bachelor’s of science in wildlife management, and has been a member of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya.
Wildlife conservation has been of concern with the growing human population and change of land-use, whereby wildlife has been the great losers.
Our environment has also been taken for granted, and we have not being doing right by it. By subjecting it various forms of pollutions, and over-exploiting the available natural resources.
Climate change still remains misunderstood and not well comprehended by the people. Yet it has subjected us to various natural disasters. We can only adapt to it or undertake mitigation plans, once we understand what it is all about.
This prompted me to use what I learnt and continue to discover through blogging.
Blogging has helped me speak up for wildlife, environment and issues surrounding climate change. I have been able to connect with different people, whom we have worked together in spreading awareness needed to recover our planet.
Knowledge is power, and most people are not well informed on issues to do with environment, wildlife as well as climate change, by helping them understand these, they are able to join in and together we have made progress. That will eventually help curb climate change, and save our wildlife from extinction.

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