Ouattara Miti Madina: Youth environmentalist advocating environmental protection in Burkina Faso



I am Ouattara Miti Madina from Burkina Faso.Twenty four (24) years old student doing my master degree in environment statistics. Currently a member of the Sahelian youth network for the climate.




I love my country and seeing a world in which man is able to live with mother nature is my biggest dream. I will do my best to contribute to having a better planet.Del Report




Melting ice, the advance of the desert due to deforestation, global warming, plastics waste are some of the problems facing our planet in general and in particular my country. 




Trying to come up with effective solutions it is essential to go through awareness raising to set up reforestation projects. The reduction of plastics waste production through awareness -raising and cleaning up campaigns that are carried out. Actions are being taken but work still remains to be done.


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