Technological Setup for a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

Do you have a digital marketing agency, or are you planning to open one? Here are a few technological prerequisites that are essential for its success.

Digital marketing agencies are growing rapidly. According to a report, the global spend on digital marketing services in 2019 was around $300 to $310 billion. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to make the most out of the digital shift caused across the world due to the internet. But before jumping on the bandwagon, there is a need to know that every business has some setup prerequisites. The same is true for digital marketing agencies.

Today, we will discuss some must-have technological prerequisites to set up and run a digital marketing agency.

Technological Setup Essentials for Your Digital Marketing Agency

There are tons of technological hardware and software that are essential for setting up a digital marketing firm. In this blog, we have listed down some of the most common and significant requirements.

High System Requirements

A slow system can have a drastic impact on your business. It can reduce your employees’ productivity and also affect their creativity. Hence, you need to ensure that everyone in your organization is equipped with the best possible systems: display, CPU, or graphic cards.

The system requirements for every single person will vary depending on their job profile. For instance, a content writer might not need a high graphic card, but a graphic designer will need a huge RAM and graphic card setup. If you have a graphic designer and a video editor in your team, ensure that your systems can install and run editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Aftereffects, and CorelDraw.

Crystal Clear Sounding Headphones

Good quality headphones will be helpful to all your employees. First of all, a video editor will need headsets to blend audio and video seamlessly. Second, writers will need them to listen to YouTube videos while gathering information about a particular subject.

Great-quality headphones will also prove helpful to other employees in your organization that work in a creative field, such as graphic designers, copywriters, and video editors. They might need it to listen to music while working. It is proven that music can enhance creativity. Music enhances memory and divergent thinking, two crucial elements of creativity. Plantronics headsets are good options for letting your employees listen to music while being more creative.

High-Speed Internet

You will find this in almost every technological setup list, and that’s because of its importance. Every profession that you hire for your organization will largely depend on research. In fact, digital marketing is all about research as you have to identify market trends, keep an eye on what’s recent in the market, and then use it to your advantage. Research is a part of every job role in a digital marketing firm. Hence, it is crucial to have a high connection speed.

Imagine you are focused on researching a topic. Suddenly your internet connection is disrupted. You can no longer continue your research. That will be frustrating, right? Do you know what’s more frustrating? It’s when you are about to miss a deadline, and your internet speed is fluctuating, and it is taking more than usual to load a website page. The point here is to have a high connection internet speed so that your workflow is not interrupted.

Data Security and Backup

Data is the new oil, it will fuel your organization’s growth, but you need to keep it secure. The importance of data has attracted cybercriminals to find potholes and steal data, which can impact your brand image. Network security is no longer enough to keep your organization safe. You need to now secure data itself along with the network. Ensure that a firewall is protecting all your systems and data. A report says that phishing attacks account for 90% of data breaches. Hence, having an AI-based email spam detection engine is also useful. You can also train your employees never to open an email from a non trusted source.

Cloud Storage

Both structured and non-structured data are on the rise. It has become challenging now to store all the data locally and on-site. Having a cloud storage option has become more of a necessity now. You can also avail the benefits of data security as most renowned cloud vendors have data security plans to protect your data.

Apart from the technological requirements mentioned above, there are several other prerequisites: business-standard printers, mobile applications, customer relationship management (CRM) software, HR software, etc. But these requirements are not that necessary. For instance, you can work your way around without HR software. Hence, focus on the listed technological requirements first and then move on to your digital marketing agency’s secondary needs.

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