Holidays: Liberian Youth for Climate Actions to Resume on January 4




The administration of the Liberian Youth for Climate Actions – LYCA is please to inform the general public that her team(leaders) will be going for the holiday season break starting today and will resume next year January 4, 2021.


Year End Statement from our Executive Director, Ezekiel Nyanfor.

Fellow teammates, Liberians, and the general public I bring you season’s greetings. The year 2020 has never being an easy one for us at LYCA and the global community with the COVID-19 Pandemic and others.

It has been a test of time for us all. We have seen how strong humanity can be when we  are in solidarity with one another. With this union as a global family we can overcome this pandemic and win the climate fight.

At the Liberian Youth for Climate Actions-LYCA, we stood the test of time and became an established and registered NGO in Liberia. Activities at the NGO did not run smoothly because of the pandemic and other issues but we had alternatives and still achieved our objectives. We couldn’t postpone our activities because climate disasters where never postpone. We are still experiencing them till now.

As we look ahead to a new and fresh year that has not been seen yet, let us all be positive and optimistic. The years 2021 – 2030 begin a new decade that will determine the outcome of the Paris Climate Agreement. We must use every single moment to implement this agreement through climate actions in our community. The fate of the world is seen on the emergency clock and ticking as we begin the new year. All eyes should be on this climatic clock as we solve this crisis with urgency. COVID-19 has proven to us that we can solve the climate crisis and as well given us the opportunity to recovery back better with the Green Economy not Gray Economy. We must all say no to fossil fuels and embrace the renewable energy sector. Let us all rewrite history and make our wrongs right.

Leave no one behind as climate change has no limit and respect no race. I believe that we can and we will resolve the climate crisis together as a global family. This is not only about our future but also our present. Mother Nature is willing to be healed when we stand to heal her. Together we can heal the world and make it green.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Ezekiel Nyanfor

Founder & Executive Director


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