Sis Gifty Dela Ahiawor Takes the Helm at Ladies of Marshall Court 63

By Nutifafa Dela Ahiawor 

Sister Gifty Dela Ahiawor (nee Gasper) has been installed as the 23rd Noble Lady for Court 63 of the Noble Order of the Ladies of Marshall on 23 December, 2023.

Sis Gifty Dela Ahiawor who is an educationist joined the Noble Order of the Ladies of Marshall on October 17, 2009 at court 63, Dansoman, Accra, Ghana.

In her maiden speech Noble Lady, Sis. Gifty Dela Ahiawor said: “I believe with the commitment and dedication of all sisters, we shall progressively make Court 63 of the Ladies of Marshall vibrant and the best.”

“I will focus on helping sisters to deepen their faith and spirituality as Catholics and Marshallans, This is to help strengthen the unity among sisters.” Sis Gifty Dela Ahiawor added.

She has served the Noble Order in various capacities, including being in charge of the West Accra Regimental band from 2020 till date.

Best sister for court 63, Dansoman in 2015. Worn the personality of the year for West Accra guards and sentries corps in 2021
She is a member of the St. Margaret Mary Catholic church at Dansoman, Accra, Ghana.


The Ladies of Marshall is the women’s wing of the ‘Noble Order of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall’

The Noble Order of the Knight and Ladies of Marshall, is a Catholic-friendly society founded along the lines of the ‘Order of the Knights of Columbus’ in the US. It’s a fraternal society predominant in West Africa and London- founded in 1926 and headquartered in Secondi, Ghana.

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