FashionGHANA Magazine Releases First Cover In Over 2 Years Featuring Beatrice Eli

By Ali Ibrahim

Winner of Face Of Accra Fashion Week, Beatrice Eli cover the December issue of Magazine titled the Winning issue. The magazine pit it’s covered qon hold for 2 years since February 2017 due to its transition from an online flip book magazine to a blog editorial.

The December issue acknowledged as the Winning issue as it highlights the successes made in the Ghanaian fashion industry and African fashion as a whole, as well as Celebrating that made by the FashionGHANA organisation and Accra Fashion Week.

WINNING seems as the best title for the organisation after holding two extremely successful fashion weeks in 2018.

The issue also looks to the road ahead of a soon to be international fashion star Beatrice Eli, her humble beginnings, her aspirations, and more.

Follow our journals to be part of the Winning team of the fashion end of Africa.

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