Am sure you enjoyed the close shave electoral process of the GOC that ushered into power the current President,Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah.

Without a shred of doubt this current administration has become one of the most transparent edifices in recent times.

Don’t get me twisted. And I am not saying the previous administration did not do well too.

My personal observation on the modus operandi of the current administration can best be described beyond affable.

You see, it should be clearly understood that the GOC is not absolutely responsible for nursing the various federations under the national sports authority.

But the desire and tact concern of this administration on the various federations is highly commendable. I am a testimony to this and can go further to testify for other least financed disciplines.

I have studied in consistency how we enjoy wrapping ourselves with negative stories about the GOC notable amongst them being the Australia Commonwealth saga.

Interesting. Interesting because I feel we keep crying more than the bereaved.

The GOC gave over $5000 each to all the qualified disciplines ahead of the games. Yes, it happened. And gave financial support to Team Ghana at the Commonwealth Youth Games, Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympic Games. Yes it happened. As well as the Pyongyang Winter Olympic Games. Yes it happened.

The Bahamas Games was transparently carried out.

Look at what happened in Algeria. The medal haulage for team Ghana. We have kept all these under the carpet and demanding reports.

The abandoned site at Amasaman for the development of a multi sports complex is naked for all to see. Now the forest has been cleared and the football pitch is created for the locals to play. The GOC has provided goal posts and volleyball posts and nets. So why are we not commending the Committee?

For a greater trend of assessment, the GOC office has become a very friendly terrain for every media person.

The communication network chaired by industrious Herbert Mensah supported by experienced Sammy Heywood Okine aka General One, Baaba Tandoh of Joy Fm, Kobby Jones and Ken Adade have begun something good which must be commended, like widening of the Communications network.

This is a great visionary move by the GOC. Infact the new communication team was just outdoored and it was a beauty to behold to see journos express their views in an evaporative manner without fear or favour.

Programmes and activities are made clear to the media. You should agree with me that that media cloud and information secrecy has been demystified. Fact.

Tokyo is just around the corner and the GOC is even thinking ahead of the unknown federations who are calculating their fate to Japan.

You see, our elders say the work of the buttocks cannot be appreciated unless there is a boil on it”.

These are the multitudes of hard work the GOC is doing to augment Ghana sports. And we need to talk about them.

Someone might opined that why Dont I talk about the negatives! For what to happen?

It is my desire that the communicators assigned for this mission will continually propagate the good implementations of the GOC on all media platforms.

The GOC’s activities on education ,seminars, etc should be revamped.

The GOC should have consistent meeting with the media and be transparently open to them just like what we saw the last time.

Quite frankly if I were to rate the current administration on its social, economic and sporting efforts, they will be ranked on a percentage of 85.

I salute the leaders of the GOC for their great sense in dealing the ministry of youth sports.

It takes the lifelong connectivity and the existential experience of a leader to connect such wires.

The great personalities on the various boards cannot be left over. Great noble men of indescribable feat who are working behind bars to ensure the sanctity of the GOC.

I have spoken. Ghana is watching. The media is aware. What next?

Let’s all support a just course. Let’s eschew samples of negativism about issues we cannot defend.

Its all about us. And Ghana sports.

Long live the President of the GOC, long live Ghana Sports, long live the GOC, long live Ghana.

By Dennis Kweku Moore Member, GOC COMMUNICATIONS TEAM

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