Nigeria: Roiak Environmental Initiative Marks International Day of Forests with Tree Planting Project

By James Alu Kaior

Roiak Environmental Initiative (REI) based in Makurdi, Nigeria has celebrated this year’s International Day of Forests with a tree planting project dubbed: “Birthday Tree Planting,” on March 22.

The tree planting project held under the theme: ” Forest restoration,” is aimed at encouraging the general public to plant trees in order to alleviate poverty and also curb environmental degradation which contributes to climate change.

The president/founder of the Star Farmer Africa, Shenge Zendedoo Michael who was the guests speaker encouraged the planting of trees: “Aside planting a tree for climate, the tree can serve as your source of income, it is a good Initiative and the Star Farmer is super proud to be partners.”

“You can go back and plant the trees on your number of years even now and we can certify you, if you are not in a good location or does not have a place to plant, we can help you plant in our garden and name it after you.”

Also present at the event was the resident pastor of the Living Faith Church in Gbonko, Rev. Pastor Leren Simon Kwagh-hange. As an ambassador of REI he promised to plant more trees this year. And also help to create awareness for REI to encourage others to tap into the Birthday Tree Planting Initiative.

Rev. Pastor Leren Simon Kwagh-hange planted a coconut tree and was presented with a certificate of appreciation. “The coconut tree is one of the most useful trees in the world, often referred to as the “Tree of life”. It’s a source of food and fuel. And also used in the manufacture of cosmetics, medicine and building materials to name just a few.”

“If the over 200 million population of Nigerians should embrace the “Birthday Tree Planting Project” it will help to curb the effect of climate change and environmental degradation.”

“The Tree planting project has the capacity to reduce government expenditure on mitigation of the devastating impact of climate change- through energy conservation and also helping to cut costs for summer cooling (providing shade), serving as windbreak, increases property values and support for business activities.”

Importance of trees

Trees are so important and beneficiary to the existence of man on earth, such as, improving the air quality by absorbing and filtering pollutants, reduces ultraviolet radiation levels, reduce greenhouse gases by direct carbon sequestration and through avoided carbon emissions from reduced energy use, help manage storm water, reduce flooding, and improve water quality. Trees also supply healthy edibles fruits and nuts, promote general health and well-being, increases beautification and improve psychological and health well-being.

Message from Roiak Environmental

Initiative Roiak Environmental Initiative urged all present to plant a tree(s) on their birthdays or any other day to enable them win amazing prizes. REI further called for more support and partnership to help achieve their aim.


Plant a tree on your birthday or any other day.

Take a picture of the tree, send the picture, name and location of the tree. Include your name and birthday.

Contacts: 08101081617

Facebook: Roiak Environmental Initiative

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