Finnair and Wunderdog to join forces in establishing a technology hub in Málaga, Spain

Finnair and its software development partner Wunderdog are taking their relationship to a next level by opening a joint technology hub in Málaga, Spain, in 2022. Together the companies aim at building a diverse ecosystem that will support the future development of Finnair’s digital services. 

“Digital services are at the heart of Finnair’s ambition to build a modern premium offering and they are a key part of our customer experience in every step of the customer’s journey”, says Seppo Pöyhönen, Head of Digital Solutions Development at Finnair. “This collaboration strengthens our capabilities to support strategic initiatives and gives us access to a wider base of experts in this area where we have a fierce competition for talent”, Pöyhönen states. 

The software developers will be employed by Wunderdog, working fully integrated with the Finnair Digital Services team to develop digital solutions for Finnair customers. The recruitment will start before year-end, and the site is expected to be operating in the first half of 2022.  

“We have heavily invested in developing our ecosystem and delivery processes. I’m happy to see this investment paying off, resulting in Finnair and Wunderdog joining forces to build this technology hub together”, says Mika Viskari, Founder and Head of Business Development at Wunderdog.

The initiative will also benefit other customers’ digital development across Europe. “By combining modern digital ways of working and our top-notch talent in Helsinki, Berlin and soon in Málaga, we provide a scalable hybrid delivery model that answers to the increasing demand for digital services development”, adds Viskari.

Málaga is rapidly becoming one of Spain’s major technology locations. The city is known for a vibrant technology scene that connects global IT companies, startups, and university centers with high-quality international talent.

About Wunderdog

Established in 2014, Wunderdog Llc is a consulting agency that helps companies build scalable digital businesses and services by combining high-quality code, human-centered design, and smart ways of working. Wunderdog is a people-first company with an open-by-default culture.

With sustainability at our core, we future-proof digital transformations with end-to-end delivery capabilities.

Together with Polar Squad, Orangit, Coventures, and Hidden Trail, we form an integrated ecosystem consisting of almost 200 digital experts in Helsinki, Berlin, and soon Málaga. Visit us at

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