Finnair discontinues in-flight and pre-order retail sales

We are discontinuing both in-flight and pre-order retail sales of cosmetics, accessories, gifts and other retail products this spring. Our customers can continue pre-ordering meals and buying snacks and beverages on board. Finnair Plus members can also continue to buy Finnair Plus awards and products as well as home delivery products from Finnair Shop as before.

In-flight sales will end on all our flights on 28 February 2023, but pre-orders are delivered for flights until 18 April 2023.

“Onboard and pre-order shopping has become a less important service among our customers”, says Valtteri Helve, Head of Product Offering at Finnair. Already in spring 2020, we announced that we discontinue in-flight sales on our flights within EU as part of our goal to reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, and now it is time to take the next step. Food and beverage sales on flights will continue, of course, and we will continue to develop our service.”

During the final discount campaign, which launches 1 February 2023, customers can buy products onboard or pre-order items with a significant -40% discount. In-flight shopping is available on our long-haul flights, and flights to the Canary Islands, Dubai, Egypt, Iceland, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom. Customers can pre-order products for all flights with a duration of over 2 hours. Travel retail is not available on our Doha route.

“Together with our partners, we have been able to offer a wide range of products, and many Finnish brands have also been well represented on our flights”, says Tiina Tissari, Vice President Customer Experience and Products at Finnair.

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