Nigeria: Pastor-cuts-100-year-tree-claiming it’s evil

Social media has gone haywire following the release of the photo of a pastor who allegedly stormed a local community to cut down a tree he termed ‘evil.’

The photo was shared on Facebook by Yahgozie Immanu’el who revealed that the tree is a 100-year-old, and called the act, terrorism against nature. According to Yahgozie, the said pastor decided to cut down the 100-year-old tree because it is ‘evil.’

In fighting evil, he decided to cut most of the tree off but only succeeded in raking its top as the root is still sunk deep in the earth.

With the photo of the pastor making waves online, many social media users find the action completely unnecessary, and most agree that the anyone, including a pastor who thinks a particular tree is evil is just suffering from a mental disease that should be checked.

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